Greets Green?: Local histories and Xchanges

Monday, November 15, 2004

YMCA - Senior Citizens Keep Fit

Kath Hewitt had suggested we get in touch with Pauline who does a keep fit session at an Afro-Carribean Luncheon Club at the YMCA on Fridays. We spoke with Pauline & she told us that she also did a women's keep fit club on Monday mornings. We therefore arranged to go along and have a chat about our project with both of these groups.

Turned up to the ladies keep fit group & spoke about the project that we were doing. Upon finding out that we had been commissioned by THEpUBLIC the ladies let us know what their views of the new THEpUBLIC building were - on the whole they did not have a very high opinion of THEpUBLIC and the new building, thinking that Greets Green and West Brom were more in need of such things as a swimming pool & a theatre. This was a very interesting session and certainly opened our eyes to some of the local feelings about THEpUBLIC, while also making us question our hopes and ambitions for the project.


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