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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Green Gym - Ecological Disaster at Warley Woods

Helped out with more holly thinning - great fun & you can really see the difference now - the bushes are starting to look a lot clearer.

On a downside we were also notified about an ecological disaster that had occured on the far side of the woods - on the site of an old victorian path that the Green Gym had cleared and restored last summer & which supported a habit for a local butterfly population - the Warley Woods Project Manager had apparently struck a deal with developers from the Bull Ring to take a delivery of slag & construction waste. Such waste products from the construction industry are very expensive to dispose of in a sustainable manner and in a bid to cut costs such deals are apparently common within the construction industry. Rather than pay to dispose of such waste in a responsible manner construction companies apparently strike deals with park managers whereby if the park takes the construction waste the constructors will provide in exchange a fixed amount of labour (minimum wage no doubt) to be used by the park. In this case the waste was apparently to be used as part of a golf course redevelopment, however the careless manner in which this waste from Birmingham's flagship shopping centre had been uncerimoniously dumped on a local park meant that a delicate ecosystem had been destroyed.

Big up to Birmingham's shiny new shopping centre :-(


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