Greets Green?: Local histories and Xchanges

Monday, October 25, 2004

Walk with Anne (Neighbourhood Warden)

We were given an amazing tour of the boundaries of the Greets Green area by Anne, who's one of the Greets Green Partnership Neighbourhood Wardens. Highlights included the chemical factory where the local kids were convinced that the people inside were aliens & had produced some amazing graffiti to demonstrate this. There was also the Gnome garden, the Christmas Tree House, and the mysterious (government??) factory that doesn't exist on any official maps and which the wardens have been unable to identify who owns it or what goes on there!?!?

View the rather huge set of images

There was also one big low point which was the fact that the canal had been turned orange because some unscrupulous company had dumped a load of chemicals into the water. Bert and Gert, Anne's favourite local swans were looking a bit worse for ware with their feathers died muddy brown/orange :-(

Here's another set of photographs

Big shout out to Anne, many thanks :-)


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