Greets Green?: Local histories and Xchanges

Friday, November 26, 2004

Afro-Carribean Luncheon Club - YMCA

Bumped into Tony one of the Neighbourhood Wardens outside the YMCA, he said that he'd arranged for us to visit a local couple who'd been born and bred in Greets Green on Tuesday coming, it also turned out that he was visiting the Afro-Carribean Luncheon Club aswell!

Everyone at the club was extremely friendly and we talked a lot about what it was like to come from the Carribean to West Brom in the sixties. The fog that was caused by the steam trains and all the local industry was one of the main memories that people had. Another recurrent theme was that several people had only planned to come to England for a few years before returning to the Carribean, but had ended up staying their whole life!

Took some photographs of the group and everyone was very interested in the digital camera, so gave a demonstration about it.

Tony then gave his talk about the role of the Neigbourhood Wardens - decided to also record this as it sounded interesting and relevant to the project.


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