Greets Green?: Local histories and Xchanges

Monday, November 29, 2004

Session with Roy - Swan Village Action Group

Came out of the YMCA Dance Studio after the Keep Fit session, went to get a coffee & saw Vera the Chair of the Golden Oldies group who we were doing a session with at 2pm. Vera had recently been bitten by a local dog - but fortunately she was fully recovered. She was kind enough to use her influence at the YMCA to get us a couple of free coffee's - thanks Vera. Then Roy, who's the chairman of the Swan Village Action Group, also walked past with a load of goodies and prizes for the Golden Oldies bingo. Said hello to Roy and arranged to do an impromptu session with him in the cafe before the bingo started.

Session with Roy went really well - he's a very active and well informed member of the local community and it was good to hear his views on the redevelopment of Greets Green and THEpUBLIC's new building (he sat on the interview committee for THEpUBLIC's new community artist). He also cleared up the confusion surrounding the name Greets Green and it's use over the history of the New Deal for Communities scheme.


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