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how do we recycle?Access to Recycled Technology is a Low Tech Arts Project that aims to replicate and innovate upon the achievements of Redundant Technology Initiative's Access Space in Sheffield.

We aim to establish a multimedia/internet facility which provides resources and training packages in an open access environment to people who have not yet been exposed to the 'multimedia revolution'.

We intend to achieve this by persuading companies and individuals to donate their old, unwanted and unused computers to us - so that we can put them to better use through our recycling program. Like RTI we are attracted to the infectious nature of Low Tech. Low Tech incorporates hardware and software, advocating Freeware, low cost software and in particular low cost open source operating systems. This means that with Low Tech we can set up fully functional multimedia workstations for zero financial cost - all that we have to do is put in the effort!

Along these lines and in the longterm we are especially interested in exporting Low Tech to the third world. For example imagine giving a zero cost computer suite to a Worker's Rights organisation near an Export Processing Zone in Thailand.
An example of this idea in action. We also aim to produce and exhibit art that focuses the attention of the general public and the corporate world upon the unresolved issues surrounding technological waste.


If you like the sound of what we're doing, if you want to get involved, or if you'd like to suggest some form of collaboration, then why not get in touch with us E-MAIL: info@a2rt.org


Steve Crozier

Instigator, Guerilla Artist, Freelance MultiMedia Designer.

Simon Griffiths

Instigator, Writer, Activist, Artist, Academic.

Kevin Adams

Freelance Programmer with interests in streaming music & video.

Joe James

Freelance Interior Designer with interests in energy conservation and ecologically/environmentally sensitive working practices.

Aidan Harris

MultiMedia Design Student, DJ, Instigator of various past projects.

Simon Rerrie

Musician, Administration & Funding.

Rashid Ikram

Planning, Funding (inc. European), with interests in community development projects.