Greets Green?: Local histories and Xchanges

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The fence story

My names Matt and i helped put up the fence at the Rec, the gardens and the basketball courts as part of Groundwork. I am 22 next month and am hoping to move to Spain by the age of 25.

YMCA - Blogging workshop

Just had a good chat with a few of the YMCA staff, they're going to go out and spread the word about this workshop, and also the blog in general to everyone they come across today. Hurrah! The staff here are really nice.


A great place! I've been here for 3 weeks, lovely place, lovely people!!

Workshop Set Up

Arrived this morning at the YMCA for the workshop promoting the Greets Green? blog - hopefully we should be able to get some people using the blog as a community resource. Set up a mini exhibition of the photo documentation of our journey through Greets Green last year, then created a new user account in order to find out how easy it was (nice & simple) and then posted the first post with this new account which you're now reading!

Blogging Workshop

Arrived at YMCA nice and early this morning to meet Si & Steve. They're currently setting up a small exhibition of the 'Greets Green?' project from last year before the workshop starts. Hoping that we'll get a good few people in, the facilities here are really nice, hadn't been to the YMCA before and really like it.

Expecting a couple of the local wardens to stop by, Si & Steve have been speaking to them recently and a few of them seemed really enthusiastic about the potential of the blog. Be great to get this thing going and see is being used.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The start of regeneration

On Wattle Road the house are due for demolition. Occasionally the Sitex is removed covering the windows and boilers and central heating systems stolen. In this house this caused a water leak affecting residents still there.

Fence Locked

Fence is locked between school and Recreation ground.

This means that people have to walk around, or that the kids break holes in the fence in order to get through.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

test post for a resident

hello this is my first post to the greets green weblog. I hope to post more in the future about what is happening in this area